Prepare thyself.

This is the first of two very long posts featuring a beautiful family that I love.

I first met Grace while I was a short-term missionary in Costa Rica roughly six years ago. I think the term is "bonded." At the time she told me about a guy named James that caught her eye. Lo and behold when I returned to the states I found myself photographing their engagement and marriage. Fun fact! Grace and James were the first gracious couple to allow me to photograph their wedding.

Fast forward to October 2013: I'm in their new home in Las Vegas meeting their one-year-old daughter, Autumn. She is an adorable ball of energy with such a sweet, sunny disposition. Her favorite word is "hi" and she greets and smiles at everyone. She brings such joy and it's sublime to see how much Grace and James love her.

And I have to mention that this family is also expecting a baby boy next January {all the best babies are born in January by the way. Ahem. I was.} AMAZING! Seriously, there are no words to describe our friendship and connection despite many moves and changes in the past several years. I'm beyond honored and grateful. Here's to many, many more years of get-togethers and photoshoots!

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  1. Grace says:

    I DIEEEEE!!!! these are so cute!!!!! sonia! we were meant to be in our friendship, and i'm so grateful for the many years we've had together and will have!!!! WE LOVE YOU!

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