Oh me oh my.

This post is long. And epic. And gorgeous. Stick around for the photos to load and scroll down. Okay? Pretty please? You will not regret it.

I had the pleasure of working with Silvia+Jay and their team of bubble blowing jedis, prop wizards, and make-up touch up genies. It was an all day production and it was very much worth it {with an awesome mid-day boost thanks to Silvia's mom's picnic lunch specially prepared for the team}.

For the first part of our shoot the lovely couple wore the traditional Korean hanbok as we roamed around the mansion at Waveny Park in New Canaan, CT. Then we explored the grounds of the actual park with balloons, bubbles, and bouquets in tow. Although the sun was not cooperating during the latter half of our shoot, everyone was in jolly spirits and Silvia+Jay even gave me a few goofy faces+poses that really exemplified the playful nature of their relationship. There's so much love in these pictures! Look! {gush, swoon}

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  1. Dan Lee says:

    These are beautiful! They are beautiful! Looks like you all had a blast of a time!

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