It is currently 2:13AM and I'm sitting in my kitchen/living room with a swirl of thoughts in my mind. So naturally I decided to jot some down. None of them are directly related to photography so I posted some pictures of what I've been eating in order to distract you. :)

- I overuse my iPhone and underuse my DSLR. I think it has a lot to do with laziness. Sloth, be gone. P.S. All of the photos above were taken by my iPhone 4S and processed with VSCOcam.

- I am incredibly relieved that my nursing boards are over. I took about a month off after graduating to rest my brain as they say. But getting back to the studies--especially the pharmacology and prioritizing of patients--took an extra helping of memorization and practice. The experience made me realize that I can't and shouldn't stay too far away from everything that I've learned and accrued thus far.

- I have been a dietary vegan for 2 months so far. I love it. I did it because I read this.

- I started reading for fun again and realized that my vocabulary needs some sharpening. I use "awesome" and "amazing" way too much. I can't remember the last time I had a conversation with someone about a book (that isn't the Bible or the book we use during our community group).

- I am floored by my husband's patience and graciousness (almost) every day. He's AWESOME.

- I appreciate that Dave doesn't use social media like I do. He simply doesn't see the need to condense his thoughts into 140 characters or take pictures of evvveeerrrryyyyttthhhiiiing.

- Since Dave is a pastor my heart breaks a little when I see him really stressed out and dead tired from ministry. I always knew that he's honest and as transparent as he can be with others. But even in the short time that we've been married I've been able to see just how much he thinks about, prays about, and is concerned about the ministry. There are times I give him the death stare when he takes calls/texts/emails related to ministry on Monday mornings. Church-goers, leave your pastors alone on Mondays. There. I said it.

- I have watched all of her videos and share them without shame.

- I'm always grateful for family but lately I have been really thankful for my sister. It helps that she's a nurse practitioner (former oncology nurse) and a pastor's wife and has great insight. I'm slowly coming to terms with the possibility that we will never live in the same state again.

- Speaking of which, it feels strange that most of my good friends live out of state. But it also means that we have to try extra hard to stay in each other's lives. And that I get to fly all over the country to see them.

Thanks for reading. Good night.

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