I remember when my friends started getting married a few years ago and thinking, "oh my goodness! We're growing up!." Now my friends are starting to become parents and I'm thinking, "oh my goodness, We're really growing up!" Time is flying by, isn't it?

I recently had the chance to meet friend's daughter, Abigail. I've known Eun since high school and spent a good chunk of college living with her as well. It seems like just yesterday we were cramming for finals and eating Domino's pizza at 3am {so good! stop judging}. And now she's a mommy! Crazy. Abigail was five weeks old when I photographed her but I'm sure that she has already grown since then. And Eun and Dan seem to already have the parenting thing down. They were swift with the diaper changes, knew that the "pterodactyl cry" meant that Abby was hungry, and planned out a total of five outfit changes for their sweet little lady. Abigail was super calm and very much awake for the photo session so it made my job so much easier. It also helps that she is absolutely adorable!

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