It's the end of an era.
Fine. I admit I'm being a tad dramatic.

But really, just a few weeks ago my dear friend Trace who you might remember from here and here and here left Boston--her home for the past ten years--for greener pastures (also known as California). We got to hang out for a little bit before she left, and did what did best: eat, watch TV/movies, talk, rinse and repeat. But we spared an hour to visit the makeshift memorial for the Boston Marathon. It was bizarre walking around Copley Square area knowing what happened only months before and also remembering what it was like when I used to roam the streets while I went to college in Boston.

Man. Ten years ago Trace and I were freshmen at Boston University. TEN years ago. I'm excited to see where we will be in the next ten years. I'm more than a bit sad that she is no longer a bus ride away and that I probably won't get to see her in person as often as we are used to seeing each other. But now there is more of a reason to make a trip out west and to plan our get togethers and to be more intentional about growing our friendship. So here's to ten, twenty, fifty more years of friendship!

**By the way, I brought my handy 50mm which made it way harder to take landscape photographs so the pictures of buildings came out very...tight. This is what happens when you get too comfortable with the 24mm wide. Consider it a lesson learned.

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