57 Days Left

Hi lonely readers! I've neglected this sucker for a while, eh? School work is piling up, wedding planning is busy, apartment hunting is just downright frustrating, and oh yes, did you hear about this gal Sandy? Sigh. Lots of surprises these past few weeks; but resilience is the name of the game. Anyway, two days before Sandy roared into town Dave and I went back to where he proposed and we took more pictures of ourselves. We used my D700, a tripod, and self-timer (so very glamorous). FYI, on a totally unrelated note, never take pictures of yourselves thinking that they will come out exactly how you envision them to because they flat out won't. Awkward? Yes. Natural? Not really. Funny? Absolutely. It's way easier directing and snapping away behind the camera. Modeling is hard.

P.S. I'm getting married in 57 days. Exciiiiiiiite.

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  1. i didn't see the rest of the pics till now. they are gorgeous!
    miss you guys.
    see you soon!

  2. Sonia says:

    Thanks Helen! :) Can't wait to catch up with you guys!

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