He proposed. I said (screamed, jumped around, and cried) yes.

People ask for the story of how it happened. You probably thought I would write it out here but I'm not going to. It's too long. Besides, Dave does a much better job of telling it. So be his friend and ask him to tell you the story.

Anyway, his original plan (what we now affectionately call "Plan A") was to propose at The Cloisters but lo and behold that plan fell through. So a few days after our official engagement we decided to give the museum and Fort Tyron a whirl. And of course we took pictures and did a faux e-sesh with my good ol' trusty self-timer.

P.S. Dave proposed with Plan D. I stress out this man. Ahem, fiancé.

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  1. Pauline says:

    that's so great you shot your OWN mini e-session! so talented

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