summer camp weekend

For most of our pre-kinder and kinder kids this summer camp was their first time sleeping away from home. Yiiiikes. To ease the anxiety we set up tents in one of our sanctuaries and decorated the hall with streamers, balloons, and posters to look more kid-friendly. I say it again and again but my ministry has the most talented and diligent staff. Ever. It was amazing to see weeks (nay, months!) of meetings and work culminate in this fun-filled weekend at church. We played games--old school ones--like duck, duck, goose, and tug-of-war. I'm a fan of the tried and true stuff, you know? In the afternoons the children enjoyed a trampoline and two make-shift pools in our parking lot. Mornings and evenings were spent listening to stories from the gospels, singing, lots and lots of jumping, and then we broke out into small groups to make crafts. I was grateful for their patience regarding my slightly-longer-than-usual sermons. Highlights included a puppet show and "faith walk" for our kiddies. I learned a few things about children in our age group: they don't like the dark, they have boundless energy, they can make competitions out of anything, they need frequent water, snack, and bathroom breaks, and they love showing off their work. Next month I will have been in kindergarten for a year--it's crazy how time flies. Here are some photos from my weekend.

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