Lost & Found!

A while back my laptop was stolen and with it went the original files for the first ever engagement session that I had the pleasure of covering. At the time I was second-shooting for Sam Kang (thank you for letting me tag along!) and the couple just happened to be one of my closest friends, Grace, and her beau, James. I was pretty torn up about this because Grace was a special friend that I met while living in Costa Rica and she was integral in my adjusting back to life in the states. Her now husband James is a chef. You know how women who tire of cooking say things like, "Ugh, I'm just going to marry a chef"? Grace actually married a chef! They are a fabulous couple and I'm so grateful to call them friends. Now back to my story... lo and behold, I found several memory cards while unpacking things from storage--the heavens opened, cherubs were singing and playing tiny harps, and it was a glorious trip down memory lane. I had such a hard time exposing things back then (still do sometimes..); there were lots and lots of white, super washed out photos. But here are some of my faves from their e-session.

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  1. David says:

    You've been a wonderful photographer from the very beginning! These look great

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