Graduation Snapshots

I graduated! A big thank you to my family, friends, darling David, and the wonderful people at WTS for everything these past two years. Praise the Lord. I'm especially thankful for Trace and Kyum for making the very long drive to middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania from Boston, and Jackie from Virginia--your friendships are such an encouragement. Another big thank you to my brother-in-law whose photography philosophy is "capture everything now, delete later." Hahaha. I smiled so hard that my eyes don't show in nearly all of the photos.

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  1. please post muuooore! where's the one with jackie in iT!? It was awesome!

  2. ps. I LOVE that picture of appa and tracy! so cute!!

  3. zaneta says:

    love love love!!! sighhhh so proud of you as i'm looking at these pictures!! i can't believe you're already done and so excited for what's ahead! :) LOVE YOU!

  4. trace says:

    i love you and your family. a LOT.

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