Hello friends! I graduate this Thursday with my masters in counseling (Woohoo!) so I'll be back in New York. I've been transitioning back slowly and in the process I've picked up a new hobby--gardening. We have a small garden behind the house--it's my mom's baby. My mom tells me that I will grow to love and enjoy gardening (pun intended) as I age. So far I've been doing a lot of weeding and careful watering. I'm learning how to compost too! So anyway, we cut fresh chives last week and this week we picked garlic. I have no idea what kind of garlic it is; it definitely looks smaller and cuter than the garlic I get at the market--but really, I'm just amazed that I get to eat what we grow.

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  1. Gah. i love these pics. Need to get out of Philly to garden.

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