Ola & Shay: Wedding

I'm so excited to share these photos with you!

The lovely Ola and Shay were married in Israel but wanted to celebrate their marriage with friends and family stateside. It was a wonderfully unique wedding reception with Uzbek and Israeli flair--complete with a grand entrance of the bride and groom from a giant flower, champagne ceremony with both the bride and groom's parents, Uzbek music and dancing in traditional Buckarian outfits, and of course hava nagila. This was my first non-Korean, non-Western wedding and my hosts were incredibly hospitable--I had such a good time! Food and drinks were flowing the entire evening and I was thoroughly impressed with how the guests could boogie. Congratulations--or shall I say, mazel tov!

Additional highlights are available on facebook!

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  1. trace says:

    daaaaang what a party!

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