Introducing baby Agastya...

I first met Shivika and Kartik on a cold winter day for a much anticipated maternity photoshoot in the city. Since then, they had a beautiful baby boy named Agastya ("he who is humble enough to move mountains"). Seriously, don't you want to squeeze his pudgy cheeks?! So so so adorable (cue squeals and babytalk). Here, he's at three months--he was so good at recognizing faces, following the monkey on his mobile, listening for mommy's voice, cooing with daddy, and looking at my camera! I was lucky enough to spend an entire afternoon with the family as they sang songs, fed, bathed, and rocked Agastya to sleep. Can't wait to see him at six months!

More photos of Shivika, Kartik, and Agastya on facebook.

Soooo sleepy..

He's winking!

I call this look, "The Godfather."

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  1. shhivika says:

    hahhaha - how cute is the first pic!

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