The Daily Grind Cafe

So if you haven't heard, seminary students are not the wealthiest bunch (gasp!). I was first introduced to The Daily Grind Cafe in Jenkintown, PA by a friend (another fellow seminarian) who knew the owners and knew that I needed a job. It's a great gig, though I can't say I'm among the ranks of the cool, hipster baristas. This cozy cafe that brews organic coffee and serves homemade sandwiches, pizzas, soups, and salads--as well as baked goodies from local bakeries, has only been around for five months (well now, I'm just shamelessly promoting...). I recently had the privilege of taking some shots of the food and decor as we brainstorm in creating a website and catering menu.

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  1. trace says:

    looks so cozy! that first sandwich needs to get in my bellaaaay.

  2. tina says:

    My dad works in Jenkintown!! I'll tell him to stop by. Look for a man that kind of looks like your family members... if you recall, I am originally a Lim!!! :D

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