What my Sunday looks like

For the past two months I have had the pleasure of teaching 40 kindergarten students. They are so funny! I've learned that these 4-5 year olds can (thankfully) remember the content of the message I delivered the previous week, they love to jump, they are unabashedly honest ("I farted!"), they appreciate feeling special, they think I'm 11 ("old" by their standards), and they are all so lovable. Yesterday was an eventful day--we had a birthday party for October babies, we had an extended time of praise (complete with more jumping!), and then we had a combined Sunday school fellowship event in lieu of running off to trick-or-treat.

The spectrum of emotions that we can go through on our birthdays: happiness, indifference, grappled with the fear of aging

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  1. omgosh! they sTILL have those yellow sung ga dae gowns! and those tables that look like kidneys!!! :) OH THE GOOD OL DAYS OF YOOCHIBOOOOOOO!! HOW IMISS those days....

  2. trace says:

    birthday cake picture is the best

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