ONE: For Better and Worse

Dave and I had been anticipating the CCEF national conference since last year! This year it was held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. As Westminster students this was our first year attending the conference and we had so much fun. The theme was marriage and we specifically studied the book of Ephesians. There was a diverse selection of workshops that attendees could choose from (stepfamilies, dealing with silence, fighting well, loving an abused spouse, among others) and the sheer amount of content and questions left both Dave and I with plenty to talk about and digest. I also shared wonderful discussions with friends from Westminster that also attended. I was able to even network with other attendees via twitter! Even with all the "stuff," at the center of it all there was worship of the living God. It was truly an edifying, learning, and challenging time. Dave and I had to miss Sunday's sessions because of ministry obligations back in New York, but even so, I would highly recommend attending. Next year's theme is psychological disorders and it's going to be in Louisville! Please go to their website to order CDs from the sessions, books, other valuable resources, and for more information about what CCEF is all about. The following photos were taken from where I happened to be sitting during the general sessions and workshops.

Tim Lane

our MC! so witty!

Ed Welch

Mike Emlet

Monica Kim

Julie Lowe

another self-timer

Winston Smith

Bob Lepine

David Powlison

David Powlison and Julie Lowe


beautiful smile :)

"fireside chat" with the the Powlisons and the Welchs

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    These are lovely! They really capture the feel of being there! Thanks so much for sharing!

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