Sam's Point

I had the pleasure of joining Manna EM for a day trip to Sam's Point Preserve. The trail leading up to the ice cave was reasonable but the one leading up to the waterfall was insane. If you plan on going don't go on the waterfall trail. Just don't. Anyway, here are some of my fave photos of the group and the fall scenery. Hoping to post more photos of autumn pronto so check back for more this month.

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  1. trace says:

    love the colors. the reason why fall is my fave season.

  2. such pretty peekchas buerrie~!

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  4. hi sonia,

    brilliant photos. you're an artist and you're good at what you do :)

    glad you came with us!

    grace c.

  5. ahhh i LOVE autumn! and foliage! drast LA and it's palm trees that never change colors. bah humbug.

    pretty, sonia!

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