shameless plug

Every March-ish you probably read (will continue to read) a plug about the One Love missions program at Cornerstone. Today I'd like to share with all ten of my readers (and may I add, a third of you guys are related to me) a fundraising event going on at Manna. The Manna EM will be going on their first mission trip EVER to Managua, Nicaragua. Why do I care? Because my better half is going with them. So, if you'd like more info please check out their website and if you'd like this shirt, modeled so awkwardly by yours truly, please comment/email.

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  1. I'm so glad you still have your photo blog. Ethan and I were looking through your posts tonight and he said. "She really is a good photographer!" And it is SO true- you are! I just recommended your blog to another friend who is just starting out and learning the ropes of photography! Miss you always. Love, Brooke :)

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