the road to Zarcero

Zarcero is a small city that we drove to on our way back to San Jose. The big place of interest is la Iglesia de San Rafael where you can also find a park/garden with shrubs designed into arches and various animals (Sharon and Chung liked the dinosaur).

Thick fog and cows! (I was surprised this shot came out as clean as it did since I took it in a moving car)

Hi daddy!

Lots of tourists filter in to take photos in front of these arches and the church.

The inside of the church.

Creating that speckled, marbled look on the new gray exterior (the outside of the church used to be beige, at least it was when I came here two years ago).

Eating at El Mirador restaurant on our way back to San Jose (due to fog though, there was no view to boast)

Costa Rican treats

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