Marie's bridal shower

Marie's bridal shower was this past Saturday. Friends from Florida, Georgia, New York and New Jersey flocked to our tiny apartment in Glenside, PA to celebrate her upcoming wedding and marriage. It was a laid-back time of food, drinks, lots of heartfelt sharing and laughter (some tears!), and good times. Big thanks for all of the guests in attendance and Marie's sister and maid-of-honor Jen who cleared out her schedule and made no exceptions to make this day a memorable one. We're blessed to have Marie in our lives and we're all the more excited to celebrate the next stage of her life on August 21.

the lemonade

the spread

the flowers

the entrance

the rings

the shoes

the hostesses

the roommates

the summer rolls

the guests

the sharing

the bling-bling monopolizer

the scrapbook

the notes

the game

the ambiance

the laughter

the bride

the gifts

the bouquet

the cake

the friends

the friends are silly

the friends are "jealous"

the Gators (University of Florida alums)

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