I've decided to learn new stuff in photoshop. And what better way to practice than to take more photos and have a ball trying new cross-processing techniques? Earlier this week I had a short but sweet trip to Boston where I experienced an epic fail when it came to photography. Hung out with two of my favorite people and we unanimously agreed that what we saw that day was one of the most beautiful scenes that we had ever seen in our collective twelve years and two months living in Boston. So on that note I overcompensated and went shutter-happy-psycho on my glorious six-month-iversary-celebration-date. David is quite a trooper for putting up with my sometimes-sneaky-mostly-awkward methods of snapping pictures of him and with him.

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  1. who's that daeji? who's that daeji? david daeji. who's that daeji? hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaa. nice pictures! :) happy 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

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