(parts of) the wedding

Here are several shots of June 19--the day my sister became Mrs. Sharon Yang.
I was the maid of honor at her wedding but because of time constraints and my greedy I-want-to-take-pictures-of-your-big-day-while-performing-MOH-duties-to-the-tee attitude I wound up taking most of my shots prior to the ceremony and right after the reception. I have zero shots of the wedding and reception. But, no problemo! Because our good friend and fellow Townsend Harris High School alum Minnow Park and his second shooter Betty Jiang did a phenomenal job. The couple and wedding party felt completely at ease with them, and of course they bent over backwards to shoot on a hot summer day on location at, where else but, Alley Pond Park. Big thanks also go to Silvia Kim who did an amazing job with make-up and hair, slaving away for hours in a busy house where everyone (all ten of us in the wedding party) were getting ready, eating, chatting, and sorting through the last minute craziness. And my own personal thanks to my sweetheart Dave, who literally, did all the grunt work and dealt with my over-the-top bossiness with serene grace and a winsome smile.

The couple is now off to their honeymoon. My camera and a couple of my lenses are on loan with them. Pray that they don't break. Or you can pray that they do because then that means I get that upgrade I've always wanted. I'm kind of kidding ;)

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Yang! Welcome to the family, Chung!

gorgeous beading

pre-make-up beaming bride

white castle, mcdonalds, coke, sprite, watermelon, chocolate truffles, potato salad, egg salad, cherries--the prefect pre-wedding feast

I'm convinced that all women ought to wear fake lashes all the time. These babies work wonders.

Writing thank you cards

The bridesmaids look so thug...

Quick photo session with Korean wedding garb

Good-looking people make for good-looking photos...and good-looking babies. Haha :)

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  1. zaneta says:

    such lovely photos! i wish james and i could take 'married' photos with you b/c you're so fantastic! and yay for your sister! she looks so happy and pretty :)

    miss you lots, my dear friend!

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