green thumb

I don't garden per se. But if my mom tells me to weed something or tend to something I spray on a lot of mosquito repellent and do as I'm told. Gardening is pretty cool though. The whole reaping and sowing analogy from the Bible makes a lot more sense. I'm sure that if we all lived on farms we'd "get" the parables and biblical metaphors. I think gardening for my dear mum is what photography is for me--something we absolutely relish and would like to do full-time but we can't because we live in New York City.

Do you see what I see? This is our fig tree. The fruit will ripen by the end of July.

This is a branch from our tiny blueberry bush. We've already plucked ripe blueberries twice. I think this one might be our last batch for the summer.

Lettuce. We got a lot of this stuff growing all over the place in our backyard.

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