the bridal shower

This set is from my sister Sharon's bridal shower. It was a ton of fun to celebrate her upcoming nuptials with an intimate gathering of her closest friends. A big thank you to all of the guests and bridesmaids who were in attendance. Can't wait for her big day!


Tina's brilliant idea

favors! wooden boxes filled with loose tea leaves!

notes of encouragement for Sharon

all homemade food


peonies and lilacs, my fave!

how well do you know your fiancee?

I love skype

sharing answers

excited bride-to-be :)

everyone was SUPER focused on cake decorating

white cake concept

Sharon's bubblegum...masterpiece.



it was a tea party theme. with champagne.

most colorful cake

baked brie topped with brown sugar and walnuts--this was a hit

such creativity!


posing with projects


my mom had a ball laughing at all the gifts

she has such gracious friends

writing notes for Sharon

mother of the bride

the ladies

the bouquet

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  1. zaneta says:

    awwww everything looked so lovely! i miss you, my dear friend. :)

  2. grace says:

    thank you for all the photos!! very memorable :)

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