The Lims and the Yang unite. Spent Christmas day with my sister's future sister-in-law.

Missing mommy

Beauty in chaos

Drove in snow for the first time ever...and skidded. It was terrifying.

New year's day with mom's side of the family

Korean rice cakes

The Shins (haha, get it? The Shins? The band? Anybody?)

The Lims

Went for a drive with daddy.

Love it when this one smiles :)

Next year she's going to be a Yang. Hopefully will be posting a Shin-Lim-Yang holiday collection then. Happy new year!

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  1. J Stu says:

    Hola Sonia! Prospero año y felicidad amiga! Just want to say these are very happy shots. Thanks for sharing.

    I would so love to follow your fam around some time and just eat whatever you guys eat. Seriously. It ALWAYS looks so diverse and amazing.
    Maybe sometime you could do a best of food entry on the photo blog. I would lav it.

  2. Mateo says:

    I'm with Jon on the food and can I just say that I miss you terribly and seeing these photos makes me wish I were there with you. I laughed at the Shins joke by the by. Chao!

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