In Costa Rica I lived in a little place called San Francisco de Dos Ríos.
In Sanfra there is a large park called Parque de la Paz.
In Parque de la Paz there is a big hill.
On that big hill there is a big tree.
I remember taking walks in the park and looking up at the tree.
But I can't remember why I never climbed it.
And now I wish I had a memory and a photo from up there.

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  1. J Stu says:

    that IS a great tree. i watched antonio climb it, when Lapiz's kite got stuck in it. but i never climbed it myself. you'll have to go back for that mission.

  2. Here's a deal you should NOT pass up- you come visit us and we'll make the 6 hour trip back to that hill/tree and climb it together! Can't believe you never climbed it!

    Here's a memory (from the McClain family vault): one day we went there to fly the kid's kits. Isabelle and Ethan had been taking turns flying it. Isabelle had it and was doing great and all of a sudden the wind stopped and the kite came crashing down - directly on top of Matt- it came so fast it knocked him down - the hill! He was fine, of course, but it was quite a funny memory for all of us :) Love ya!

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