Revisiting CR (figuratively)

Affectionately nicknamed "the whiner" by yours truly because he had a knack for bugging his mom about absolutely everything. Taken during my time at Gacela.

Talamance for Thanksgiving. Could not communicate with this four-year-old because I spoke very little Spanish then and she only understood a Quechuan dialect. I think I was able to say "café, bueno" which means, "coffee, good."

Mattie's team winning this game during our trip to San Carlos

Freddy and Roberto playing with a toy gun they found by the river

I was around la Carpio for a while...and I don't have a single photo of him smiling


The (often slippery) road down to the river

shot in front of Martin's home in la Carpio

She was cross with me because I didn't let her ride the skateboard.

This river is very memorable for me.

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  1. J Stu says:

    i got a shot of roberto and freddy playing with the gun too! mine's from more of a head-on angle. always neat to see different angles of the same shot. hope you're well, S. i like your pics more and more all the time! :)

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