day 1 (of 2) in LA

3 beaches in 3 hours, food tour including Mexican, Korean, and in-n-out.
Very thankful for my host/chauffeur/brother-in-law.

tacos y horchata


Huntington Beach (distorted the contrast to get the clouds)

open markets

thought this car had a lot of character

Newport Beach. this photo is very Baywatch-y

Laguna Beach

reminded me of Trace

random tree near parking lot

this was my fave beach of the three

I'm definitely a burger (and beer) kind of gal.

LA sunsets are gorgeous because of the air pollution (as explained to me by Diane)

evening at FPC with youth group kids

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  1. J Stu says:

    love the bro-in-law's CR national jersey :) that korean grub looks spectacular!

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