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I'm having a love-hate relationship with spring this year. I'm sneezing every few minutes and currently drowning in multiple allergy meds. Oh but the flowers are so pretty...


When asked to describe their relationship Diana and Jung looked at each other, carefully replied "weird?" and laughed.

These two are an adorably quirky pair. She's an art history buff, he's a pathologist. Apparently, it was a surprise to all of their friends when these two opposites began dating four years ago. And now they're getting hitched!

Their engagement session represented places where the couple often spent time together. We started at the Central Park conservatory garden fountain and continued along museum mile making pit stops at the Guggenheim and the Met. Thanks to the couple we had the opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature and art {and I got to take pictures of the whole thing!}.

love, love, love

It feels good to be back!

My family makes it a point to get together on my mom's birthday every year and this year was no different. Of course this year felt extra because my sister and brother-in-law are expecting! Next year there will be a baby celebrating with us {squeals with glee!}.

My brother-in-law took the last photo of me and my siblings and I LOVE it. It's kind of blurry and out of focus but it so perfectly captures our ever-changing dynamic.

Take more photos of your loved ones, folks. I'll be posting more soon!


2013 is over in two days.

This year literally flew by! Just to quickly recap: Dave and I finally tied the knot in January surrounded by friends and family, we spent a week honeymooning in the paradise that is Aruba, I graduated in May from NYU College of Nursing, we had the opportunity to visit friends, speak at retreats, and vacation a wee bit during the summer, I passed the NCLEX, Dave got ordained into the ministry, and I nabbed my very first nursing job at a prestigious institution on a floor with friends from nursing school. We are both incredibly grateful and in awe of how God has blessed us immensely this past year and cannot wait for what is in store for next year.

As a pre-anniversary present to ourselves we went on a short trip to Puerto Rico before I started working. We did a bit of sight seeing mostly in Old San Juan and sunbathed in Catalina Beach. It was the definition of relaxation and looking back I'm glad we had the chance to get some r&r before the holidays.

I really don't know what 2014 will be like for my creative endeavors; I'll be transitioning to my new career but that doesn't mean that I'll be neglecting my camera. We shall see! Thanks for reading the blog and checking in this past year. Hope you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy new year!